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Standard LTL Shippers

Our valued Standard LTL clients, mainly small to mid-sized companies in Southern California, distribute a variety of products such as auto parts, computer components, apparel, novelties, and sporting goods. Shipments typically range from 150 to 15,000 pounds and are palletized for efficient transport.


For over 30 years, Gateway Transport has been the trusted partner for more than 2,921 clients who rely on our Standard LTL service. Our Gateway Transport (TMS) Transportation Management System stores all past shipment data, allowing our team to quickly assist clients by reviewing their previous activities, including carriers and rates, to provide them with the best proposal for their new shipments.


What does Gateway Transport offer its clients who receive Standard LTL shipments?

  • Quick and knowledgeable responses, complete with accurate documentation, to fulfill a client’s freight rate request tailored to their specific service and pricing needs.
  • Efficient carrier booking, ensuring a ready Bill of Lading (BOL) is promptly dispatched to the shipper for a hassle-free process.
  • Tracing begins instantly, as we collaborate closely with the carrier’s dispatch team to secure seamless, same-day pickup for absolute peace of mind.
  • Continuous shipment tracking throughout transit, with a commitment to confirmation upon delivery.
  • A dedicated approach to handling any damage or loss issues, including seamless claim submission and resolution.
  • Rigorous invoice auditing to guarantee accurate billing and transparency.
  • Effortless electronic invoice transfer, cross-referenced with the initial quote, to streamline record-keeping efficiency.
  • Ongoing assistance provided to the client’s Accounts Payable department, ensuring smooth billing and collections processes.
  • A steadfast commitment to building a long-lasting partnership, rooted in trust, reliability and success.

Expedited LTL Shippers

Since 2013, Gateway Transport has been the trusted logistics partner for an Expedited LTL shipper in the competitive Southern California market, delivering Plush Toys and Novelties nationwide.


For over a decade, Gateway Transport has proudly stood as their steadfast transportation ally, expertly overseeing the safe delivery of over 3,500 shipments and counting. These shipments originate from their multiple Southern California warehouses and reach a network of 50 captivating stores nestled within malls all across the nation.


What does Gateway Transport offer its clients who receive Expedited LTL shipments?

  • Expedited LTL truck shipments receive everything Standard LTL truck shipments receive and more.
  • Priority treatment, ensuring that the shipment is processed and dispatched quickly ensuring minimal disruptions to business operations.
  • Less time on a truck and fewer handling points, reducing the risk of damage or loss during transit.
  • Time sensitivity allows us to coordinate specific pickup and delivery times to meet tight deadlines, ensuring on-time delivery.
  • While expedited shipping can be more expensive, we are able to leverage our industry expertise to find cost-effective options that balance speed with budget considerations.

Strategic Analysis

Gateway Transport has been the trusted partner of multiple global Fortune 500 enterprises, including boasting 3 key warehouse hubs across the United States, with 2 in the Midwest and 1 on the East Coast.


What does Gateway Transport offer its clients who receive Strategic Analysis?

  • Negotiate for a new LTL program with a new top national LTL carrier that would offer improved services and lower rates.
  • Management of all vendor product transfers from anywhere in the United States to the company’s warehouses.
  • Daily tracking of each shipment until delivery is confirmed.
  • Handling of any damage or loss issues including claim submission and resolution.
  • Rigorous invoice auditing to guarantee accurate billing and transparency.
  • Electronic transfer of client invoices.
  • Assistance with the client’s AP department on billing and collections, including weekly updates.